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Emmanuelle C. Paris’s style is the encounter of a graphic and timeless universe with a deeply feminine, dreamlike harmony.


« I imagine clothes for a dreamy, romantic woman, but for a woman who is also a modern adventurer. I want the women wearing my clothes to feel comfortable, mysterious and self-confident. »

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Emmanuelle C., the designer, is a dreamer of cuts, shapes and fabrics. She never goes anywhere without her pencil, drawing inspiration from the people she meets, from the stories she hears and from great designers such as Balenciaga, Nina Ricci or Balmain, after whom she modeled her taste.


« I would describe my universe as a doe in an enchanted forest, a half-futuristic, half-rock dress, in a Haussmanian appartment, and an Atlantic breaker wave on a music by Prokofiev. »

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The designer took part in several young designer contests, in order to get noticed and to meet other fashion professionals :


- Tremplin de Styles - Lille, in 2013 and 2015


- E-Fashion Awards - Paris, in 2013 and 2014


- Art & Mode Show - Paris, in 2013, 2014 and 2015


- Concours National des Jeunes Créateurs (French national contest of young fashion designers) - Paris, in 2015





During the 2014 E-Fashion Awards fashion show, she is noticed and offered a six-month professional internship, as a fashion designer,  at Stella Cadente, before launching  her own brand in 2014.


During 2015, she has some issues in magazines and records a fashion-tv-show for a french channel. 

Emmanuelle C. Paris is a French brand that supports art and the French luxury industry. The designer seeks out French crafstmen for the materials, and every piece of the Emmanuelle C. Paris collections is handmade in France. 




Emmanuelle C. studied management and luxury marketing in business school for 5 years, attending at the same time fashion design classes at the Arts Decoratifs in Paris, as well as drawing workshops, sewing courses, model-making,  sewing pattern classes and graphism training.



Now working as a freelancer, she  intervenes for several couture houses in diverse fields such as artistic direction, fashion design, trend consulting and graphism. She keeps designing her own collections as well.



«  I assimilate the brands’ DNA in order to offer  them personalized designs and to advise them on future trends ».

Emmanuelle C.



Today, Emmanuelle C. Paris keeps developing as a high fashion brand (for trend creation) and as a ready-to-wear brand, with  the intention to launch its own collections to the general public.


In 2016, she launches her first collection for public consumption and opens her E-Shop. 

Keep on dreamin'


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